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Clifford Parrish is an author of fiction who writes under the name of C. Henry Parrish. He was born and educated in England before immigrating to Canada in 1967. He lived in Vancouver for nearly 20 years and then moved to the Seattle area for many years. Upon retiring moved to Panama. He retuurned to the US in 2011 and now lives in Florida.

The first book - 'The Pursuits of April Lane' contains three stories following the life of April..
The first story, Too Many People involves a clandestine group who believe that Global warming is being cause by over population and the only remedy is to cull the population by taking drastic measures. April is an MP in the US Army and is based in Germany. She pursues her advisaries across Germany and then into India where she realizes that the plan is to blow up a dam causing vast destruction with considerable loss of life as well as disruption to electrical and potable water supplies.
The second story, Define the Problem takes place mainly in and around New York. The time is several months later in April's life and she has left the Army and has been scooped up by a small group working within the CIA. She is asked to follow a young and volatile economist cum entrepreneur because there is concern by politicians that he might be targeted by extremists. April becomes a target herself and accepts the possibility that the young man's interests are not political but more obtuse. She follows him to hs home in the Hamptons where she hears details of activities that are totally different to what they appear on the surface.
The third story, Reverse in Reverse is April's next case in her life and entails a detailed study by her of Reverse Mortgages. A foreign bank involved in such financing finds discrepancies with the settling of estates but a closer look at their books reveals that it can't be the bank. Employees of the bank have devised a way to steal the equity in a near legal manner and it takes all of April's rescources to determine how it is being achieved. She follows several of the employees and listens to their conversations until she hears the all informative talk telling how.
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